Eye Exercise: Give Your Eyes A Break With These Exercises

Digital eye strain is a common problem these days. Simple exercise can help you safeguard your eyesight. Read here to know some of these exercises.

As the digital age continues to change our lives on different fronts, we spend more time staring at our screens than our eyes can take. It often takes a toll on our eyes, resulting in blurred vision, double vision, watery and itchy eyes, headaches, and other eye strain symptoms. Different age-related vision problems also arise from a loss of tone and flexibility in the eye muscles.

For those looking to rejuvenate their eyes and improve eyesight, the ancient science of yoga comes as a big boon. Apart from vision improvement, eye yoga asanas also lead to better concentration and insight that comes as added benefits. So, let’s take a look at some eye exercises to keep eye problems at bay.

Up and Down Movement

Sit in a relaxed manner with the neck and head still and eyelids open. Now think of a giant clock placed in front of you. Raise your eyeballs up to twelve o’clock. Still your gaze for one second, then look down at six o’clock and hold your gaze again for a second. Repeat the process 10 times with a relaxed and steady gaze. Once you’re done, simply rub your hands and gently cup your palms over your eyes. Feel the warmth of your hand, relaxing the eyes and concentrate on breathing.

Sideways and Diagonal Movement

Similar to the previous practice, this time, you need to shift your gaze with horizontal eye movements. Move your gaze between nine o’clock to three o’clock and still your gaze at each position for one second. After you’ve repeated it 10 times, rub your hands and provide warmth to your eyes. Now start with diagonal movements with your gaze shifting between ten o’clock to four o’clock and two o’clock to seven o’clock. Conclude the exercise by repeating the entire process 10 times and offering the warmth of your rubbed hands to the eye

Close-Range Focus

While sitting still and relaxed, extend your arm and gaze at the tip of your thumb. Now, gradually bring the thumb closer to your nose, following the movement with your eyes, and hold it there for one second. Again reverse the sequence, extending your arm and following the thumb with a relaxed gaze. Repeat the whole process ten times and finish off with palming

Trataka or Eye-Cleansing Exercise

Mentioned in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika and Upanishads, Trataka is an eye-cleansing exercise that induces clairvoyance and removes diseases from the eyes. Sit in a relaxed way with your gaze fixed on an object. Without blinking, continue to look at the object until water comes out of your eyes. Then, close your eyes and try to imagine the object you were looking at as long as possible. Every time you practise, increase the time to keep visualising the object with your eyes closed.

These simple yet effective exercises for the eyes can bring in plenty of benefits ranging from better eyesight to increased concentration to spiritual insight. Apart from taking care of our health with a healthy diet and daily exercise, it also important to care for our eyes as they are our window to this world. Seek help from expert if you notice any changes in vision.

(Dr Rajeev Rajesh, Chief Yoga Officer, Jindal Naturecure Institute)

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