Where do pinworms come from?


The most prevalent parasitic worm in the United States is the pinworm. It’s probably fair to say that pinworms (also known as threadworms) are everywhere.  That means their eggs are everywhere.  The eggs can live on any surface for 3 weeks. During that time, if you touch those eggs and end up swallowing them – you’re infected.  If you touch those eggs and then itch your nose and inhale the egg – you’re infected.  You will start noticing the symptoms in about 4 weeks. If your child or pets are infected they are dropping eggs around your house constantly.  The infection is extremely contagious and needs treatment to kill the nasty parasite. Pretty scary stuff.

What do pinworms look like?

pinworms around the anus

You already know the answer to this question – you saw the picture above.  They look horrifying especially when you find them on your body, your child, the toilet.  They are white and they usually come with friends.  They are a quarter of inch long, maybe a half inch max.  They look like little pieces of thread.  They move quick and wiggle just as you would expect a worm to wiggle.

If you can actually see worms, then know that you are in direct contact with pinworm eggs.  Female pinworms lay eggs which can live for 3-4 weeks in the environment.  Direct contact with sunlight (UV rays), household cleaners will kill the pinworm eggs quickly.

How do you know you have pinworms?

  • Your butt itches.  More so at night. Usually about 2 hours after you fall asleep, the itching will begin.
  • Your vagina itches.  If they are in your vagina, they are in your colon.  They move from the anus to the vagina at night.

Lots of people can be infected and don’t know it for a long long time. The body fends them off pretty well but eventually they will overtake your immune system and the itching will begin.  There are a few natural methods you can use as preventative measures – more about that later.

pinworms in excrement

Who is most likely to get pinworms?

Kids.  Children tend to put everything in their mouth.  Generally they are not nearly as clean and touch things that are more likely to be infected with pinworm eggs.  Washing your hands morning, noon, and night are not in most kids repertoire.  They also are not as anal (pun intended) about wiping their booty.

What is the pinworm tape test?

If you suspect you are infected with pinworms (your itching) but you can’t find any trace of actual worms, you can do the pinworm tape test.  First thing when you wake up, use a clear piece of clear tape and place it on your anus.  Pull it off, with it will come any of the microscopic pinworm eggs.  Put it in a ziplock bag.  Do that for 2 more nights.  Now you can take those 3 samples to the doctor who will inspect them under a microscope.  Then they will prescribe you some medicine to kill the pinworms.

How to get rid of pinworms?

Prescription medication for pinworm infection: Mebendazole or albendazole are available via prescription however your doctor is not likely to prescribe it. He is more likely to recommend an over-the-counter medication called pyrantel pamoate. This is found in the Dr. Reese pinworm medicine.  Please don’t take this advice/information over that of your family doctor.  Do your own research and make your own decisions based on your particular situation.

pinworms infect appendix

More about Dr. Reese pinworm medication.  Buy extra.  Buy some for each member of your family.  It is very likely that if one person is infected multiple people are infected.  You will also plan to take two doses spaced about 2 weeks apart.  The initial dose will clear you intestines of the living pinworms.  2 weeks later another dose is required which will kill any pinworms that hatched.  Generally speaking 2 doses kill most pinworm infections.  It should be noted that pyrantel pamoate does not actually kill the pinworms.  Its basically incapacitates them.  Then your body is about to push them out.

Natural Pinworm Parasite Cleanse

Diatomaceous earth: If you’re able to find food grade diatomaceous earth it is extremely effective at riding your body of pinworms.  Adults should take 1 tablespoon and children should take 1 teaspoon.  It may be best to mix it with some apple sauce, yogurt, or some sort of shake or smoothy.

Garlic: Buy 3 whole cloves of garlic and finely chop it into a paste.  Mix the paste with a small amount of petroleum jelly (also consider petroleum free).  Burts Bees multi-purpose ointment is an excellent choice.  The garlic save can then be rubbed on a freshly washed anus and/or vagina.  The garlic will kill the female pinworms and their eggs. They will also struggle to lay/attach pinworm eggs to the skin through a thick save.

Coconut oil:  If garlic isn’t available you can use coconut oil does not allow the female to lay eggs.

Grapefruit Seed Extract: Children 5 and under should take 3 drops in water, 3 times per day.  Older than 5 should use 10 drops in water, 3 times per day.  Grapefruit seed extract makes the intestines a hostile environment for pinworms to live.  A serious infection could result in throwing up live pinworms.  This extract also helps to not be reinfected.

Raw Pumpkin Seeds: Pumpkin seeds will paralyze pinworms and will keep them from attaching to the intestine walls.  Pumpkin seeds are rich in cucurbitin which is the paralytic for parasites in general – to include pinworms.  Paralysis is temporary so it should be combined with a laxative like the Aloe Vera Juice.  A cup of raw pumpkin seeds and a cup of your favorite yogurt (high in probiotics) should be blended together and taken in whole on an empty stomach in the morning.  To flush them out, an hour after taking the pumpkin seeds, hit them with a cup of water and a half a cup of aloe vera juice.  The results are astounding.  Prepare yourself for elimination!

Aloe Vera Juice:  Aloe vera juice is one of nature’s best laxatives.

Let’s Talk About Cleanliness

  1. Wash your hands multiple times a day with warm soapy water.  Sing happy birthday while you’re washing.  Pinworm eggs end up under fingernails where they can be reingested and the infection starts over.
  2. Wash bed linens everyday.  For a month.
  3. Showers (not baths) morning and night.  Getting rid of the pinworm eggs is essential.
  4. New underpants every night.
  5. Wash towels after every shower.
  6. Mop/vacuum the floors.
  7. Bleach toilet seats for infected persons daily.

You’ll going to be doing ALOT of laundry and cleaning the next month.  Embrace the suck.  It will be worth it to kill those dang pinworms once and for all.

Stay Healthy Weekly Research Team

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