Life Owns You Nothing…

Entrepreneur Anthem
Written by Jaye Kenzie

Life owes you nothing but opportunities and choices which are given to you daily. These OACs will either make or break you. So simply said, but so hard to comprehend. You wake in the morning life is good, life is bad, how I did get this far or why haven’t I got that far. You’re going to be what you want to be but what will learn, I guess I must make another right turn, Life is like a seesaw ups and downs, and I’ll bet that it will be more. So many faces, too many places, soulmates, love hates, she loves me, she loves me not, One episode your hot the next episode you’re not. Life is Fast Life, a fast pace I got dreams to face, where you at where you are going, I don’t know I’m just traveling through this life like a tropical storm.

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