We are Shvasa, meaning breath in English. We are passionate about bringing authentic yoga to your doorstep from India.

Shvasa yoga is a great workout and a very potent transformational tool.

Our disciplined yoga masters teach the art and science of yoga that’s firmly established in the original principles of eight-limbed yoga tracing back to ancient India.

Now we are ready to help you feel the magic of yoga — with every class, every pranayama, every meditation experience the power of conscious breathing. With every conscious breath, you activate the higher centers of your brain and experience life at a higher level.

Why us?

Because we are the real deal. We experienced the benefits before bringing it to you. Our courses are founded on the principles of the eight-limbed yoga approach laid down by Patanjali in Yoga-Sutras, the most definitive work on yoga dating back to the 5th century. It is a path to holistic well-being through eight stages that work from outer to inner, bringing you closer to your higher self.

Our teachers break down the tenets of ancient science in an approachable way, gradually taking you through a life-altering journey. Our yoga programs are designed to work on every muscle of the body, as well as to bring inner peace, hormonal balance, and mindfulness. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE!

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