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Jaye Kenzie

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The History of Lemons 🍋

Lemons! You know what they are. Those yellow, acidic, brilliantly versatile fruits you can spot from a mile off. It’s easy to forget how fantastic lemons on. They just become a part of your life and you don’t feel the need to celebrate their otherworldly excellence. That’s why we allowed […]

Type 1 Diabetic

Incredible Story by Jeffery Latty Good evening. I have not posted in five months. My life has changed since the last post and food helped cause a serious complication. I was ignorant and uneducated about carbohydrates. In the past, I was concerned with ingredients, calories, fiber and protein – which […]

Cranberry Lime Salad Dressing

Frozen cranberries have entered the chat 💬 My new favorite salad dressing flavor…cranberry lime. AND PLEASE look at the beautiful color 💕 Ingredients (salad): Base of 2 cups of spinachCandied walnutsSliced strawberriesFeta cheeseHomemade cranberry walnut dressing (using the best frozen cranberries from Cape Cod Select) Ingredients (cranberry lime salad dressing): […]