Shaquille O’Neal going vegan

Shaquille O’Neal is looking to fuel his 7-1, 320-pound body with NO meat. The NBA legend says he’s trying his best to go vegan!! Shaq opened up about his health ambitions with comedian Rip Micheals at Slutty Vegan in Atlanta… where he explained on the ‘Urban Eats and Treats’ show how he’s able to eat his favorite […]

The 7-Primary Movements

Squatting: Squatting movements are performed many times throughout the day as a person sits down, stands up, or squats down to lift an object off the floor. Variations of the squat include goblet squats, sumo squats, front squats and much more. The squat targets the glutes, core, quadriceps and to […]

The Template for a Mocktail

My perfect mocktail is more complex than a soda, not too sweet, often fizzy, and always delicious. Mixologists who craft cocktails are often prioritizing disguising the taste of alcohol, but in mocktail-land we have no such restrictions! If you have cocktail mixing experience, the good news is you can apply […]