What is the most effective no-equipment arm workout?

If you don’t have a gym membership or don’t have weights you are probably struggling to train properly. Especially when it comes to training arms. Well today it will end all because we will show you the best exercises to try at home. Anatomy The biceps muscle has two heads, […]

Why (and How) to Take a Break From Coffee…

Health benefits Cancer prevention Cardiovascular improvement Diabetes avoidance Maintaining Mental Health Defense Against Neurogenerative Diseases Other Protections and Bonuses Caffeine Dependency and How to Perform a Reset Are you a cold brew person or more of a pumpkin spice latte disciple? From New York to L.A., there are approximately 150 […]

3 Skills You Need for Good Life

When people or situations show you through actions and events that they are not of high value; believe them. And don’t be one of those fools who recognize low value but think it can be transformed into high value. It can’t! Some people have a helping syndrome that manifests in […]