Today’s Featured Product.. BloomChic

In the Press At BloomChic, we believe that all women deserve to look and feel absolutely beautiful. We’re striving to bring the most on-trend and stylish pieces in sizes 12-22 (expanding to size 30 in January 2022), and we’re reimagining this space and creating a customer-centric shopping destination that always […]

Best and Worst Salads for Your Health

 Reviewed by Christine Mikstas, RD, LD on August 30, 2022 Is Salad Really a Healthy Choice? That depends on what you add to those greens. The right toppings can create a filling meal that’s loaded with vitamins, minerals, protein, healthy fats, and smart carbs. But other ingredients can pack in extra calories, fat, sodium, […]

Today’s Featured Product..

Best Teeth Whitening System for At-Home Use You may have heard about teeth whitening and are considering using an at-home kit for just such a purpose. Dental bleaching is the most rapid way to have a brighter smile. The most effective method is to use peroxide-based teeth whitening gel and bleaching trays. […]