Stuffed Baby Red Peppers with Walnuts, Herbs and Spices

So these peppers are bang in season at the moment and I saw a version of this recipe in my local supermarket magazine. They looked so good I had to try them myself. I cooked them as part of a tapas selection. Gosh they were sooo good, sweet, savoury, nutty […]

What’s the Most Useful Method for Estimating Your Cardiorespiratory Fitness: Apple Watch versus Stopwatch

The skeptical cardiologist is a strong advocate of regular aerobic exercise to forestall the inevitable decline in cardiovascular fitness with aging. There is compelling evidence that aerobic exercise can reverse the age-related impaired relaxation of the left ventricle. In addition, any amount of running is associated with a much lower […]

Trout Pie

Ingredients: • 500g Puff Pastry• 2 Trout Fillets• 8 Cups of Mushrooms• 1/2 an Onion• 2 Cloves of Garlic• 2-4 tbsp Cream Cheese flavoured with chives Method: Preheat the oven to 180°C Fry the onion, garlic and mushrooms over a medium heat, for around 5-10 minutes, until they begin to […]

Physical Fitness: why it is so important?

Physical fitness is the utilisation of excessive calories by cardiovascular and muscular processes bringing the body to optimum efficiency. It comprises the following factors. 1) utilisation of excessive calories 2) purification and circulation of blood by cardiovascular and muscular processes. 3) Bringing the body to optimum efficiency The energy provided […]