Which Onion Goes Best With What?

BY GABRIELLE TAYLOR INGREDIENTS 101 Most recipes don’t specify what type they mean when they call for onions. While using whatever kind you already have won’t necessarily ruin a dish, using the best one for what you’re cooking will definitely make your food taste better. There are no strict guidelines for […]


I have a client, let’s call her Sam. The other day, Sam and I had a long talk about her lack of consistency when it comes to eating healthy food and her frustration at having extra pounds to lose. Together, we discovered that her barrier is TIME. Sam’s dilemma is […]

Double-Decker Shrimp Nachos

What’s Cooking in Gail’s Kitchen? Waste Not, Want Not: Double-Decker Shrimp Nachos! Get set for a taste extravaganza that will implode inside your mouth. Talk about a nacho upgrade. It just may kick the ordinary version to the curb. Look at the ingredient list: sautéed shrimp, gooey cheeses, cayenne peppers, […]