How to Exercise at Home Without Equipment …

Low Impact Exercise Can Have a High Impact On Your HealthYou are wanting to exercise, but your back hurts, your knees are aching, and you don’t think you can handle another round of shin splints. Maybe you were an athlete when you were younger and injuries are keeping you from […]

Fitness Tips 101

Have new fitness goals for yourself? It can feel exciting yet overwhelming to start working towards your goals. Bettering your habits and health are huge life changes that don’t happen overnight. No matter how much weight you want to lose or how many miles you want to run, here are […]

Fundamental Fitness: Yoga

I have written previously about finding a sport or athletic activity you can be passionate about in order to provide drive and motivation in the quest for health and happiness.  In doing so we must also embrace training as a part of that process.  Physical fitness improves performance, enhances the […]